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ENOUGH. of #NCDs and #fakemeds

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Fight the Fakes partner NCD Alliance is dedicating this week (2-8 September 2019) to raise awareness about Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) […]

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Monitoring and reporting are important to fight #fakemeds. Help @FightTheFakes & spread the word!

🗣️Reporting is crucial to find how many #fakemeds are out there 💊 Learn more ->

Antimalarials are among the most commonly reported #fakemeds ❗️ Stay safe and speak up against falsified medicines! 🗣️

A study in 10 sub-Saharan #African 🌍 countries found heart-breaking 💔 data about #fakemeds

#Fakemeds put patients at risk of further illness, disability or even death ❗️ Read more on

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